At the HDID we're working to create a safe and clean downtown for you to enjoy!


Keeping downtown free from litter, cigarette butts, graffiti, and weeds is important to us.

Our cleaning team is out and about 7 days a week working hard to keep the downtown business district clean. We provide services such as seasonal power washing, street sweeping, and gum removal. 

We also operate a Visitors Information Center in our office, which is a service provided for the community to help showcase all of the wonderful attractions within and surrounding our great city.  The visitors center has various free brochures and pamphlets, as well as monthly local publications.  The visitors center is a partnership between the Harrisburg DID and the Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau.


We have made great strides in our cleaning & beautification efforts.

Residents and visitors will notice metal trashcans on almost every street corner of downtown. Studies have shown that a consumer is more likely to throw trash into the proper receptacle and not on the ground if the receptacle is visible and within walking distance. Not only do we want to keep our City clean, we want to give our residents and visitors the resources to do their part.

The Downtown Improvement District is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the hanging flower baskets and pots located throughout the immediate downtown. The Clean Team also weeds the curblines as well as tree wells throughout the district, and has been instrumental in the greening of downtown, planting over 20 trees as well as placing potted trees in various areas throughout downtown.

In the summer of 2017, the DID was responsible for the creation of the Discover the Ducks Downtown campaign. The campaign featured 15 artistically painted ducks placed around the district, encouraging the community to come visit and check out the ducks, take pictures, as well as explore downtown. The campaign also featured events like a Rubber Ducky Race and a Lunchtime Carnival.


In an effort to assist the City, the DID donates the flowers located in the planters at the City Government, maintaining them 7 days a week.

Over the last several years, we have applied for and successfully been awarded grant money from Keep America Beautiful to help curb cigarette litter.

Artistic and functional bike racks have been installed in 24 areas of the downtown business district as part of a beautification project and as a way of showing our support for the biking community. 



We want residents and visitors to feel safe downtown.

Currently, we have a Safety Team that patrols the business district; helping pedestrians in need of directions, reporting downed signs or sidewalk obstructions, monitoring suspicious behavior, etc. During the summer months when several establishments offer outside happy hours and dining, the patrol hours increase. We also have hired off-duty City of Harrisburg police officers to patrol downtown various nights of the week. 

 In effort to help reduce crime and increase safety downtown, we partnered with Harristown Enterprises to repair and replace 38 streetlights located within the downtown business district. Proper lighting helps prevent crimes. The DID also purchased, installed and maintains 10 security cameras in various parts of downtown.