Hello, welcome to "Au Bon Lieu" (to the good place), a French creperie featuring more than 50 crepes; consisting of savory and sweet ones.

Our idea of an authentic creperie started back in the suburbs of Paris (Banlieu) where the owner spent part of his youth as a child and a student. Crepes were the norm for breakfast and afternoon snacks (le goƻter ). After many years of experience, trial and error in restaurant business in the DC area, we settled on taking our concept to a place where crepes are not offered, hence the Harrisburg area. Our crepes are made fresh in front of your eyes, a good entertainement for the small and big kids inside us. They are made up of fresh ingredients, and batter that is made on a daily basis.

Our moto goes like this: we only serve food that can go bad 
Bring your family and friends and come enjoy a little of Europe right in the heart of the downtown of our beloved Harrisburg capital.