The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District announced its latest project; a Downtown Tree Planting Initiative.

Harrisburg, PA - The Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District announced its latest project today; a Downtown Tree Planting Initiative. Over the past 5 years, the HDID has completed a wide array of beautification projects. The projects range from organizing the creative painting of 59 Fire Hydrants downtown, to updating and revamping the Downtown Light Pole Banners, to providing over 250 hanging flower baskets throughout downtown along with installing 12 artistic bike racks throughout the district. The most recent project is focused on ‘greening’ the streets of downtown.

The HDID has planted a total of 19 new trees throughout the downtown business district. Eight large tree pots have been placed throughout the district, planted with various types of trees. Due to water lines, gas lines and various piping systems throughout downtown, several sidewalks cannot have standard tree wells. The pots are meant to green areas that would otherwise not be. The remaining 11 trees have been planted in tree wells throughout the downtown business district.

“We are excited to be able to complete such a great project as part of our beautification efforts. We worked with the City Arborist on this project to ensure that we picked trees that were city approved, durable and recommended for heavy traffic areas,” said Todd Vander Woude, Executive Director of Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District. “We hope to continue to expand this program in the future.”

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The HDID is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on making downtown Harrisburg clean, safe, and beautiful and attracting repeat customers and visitors.