When: January 19th, 2018 - January 19th, 2018 //
Where: Throughout Downtown & Midtown

For more info visit www.thirdintheburg.org

In Harrisburg, we show off our creative flair with 3rd in the Burg, a celebration of the city’s quickly growing arts and cultural scene. Each month, dozens of venues host special events—exhibits, music, theater, comedy, lectures—throughout downtown and Midtown. So, pay us a visit. Starting in the early evening, drop by some of the dozens of 3rd in the Burg shops, art spaces and businesses that will warmly welcome you. Experience the art, listen to talented musicians, learn something new. Along the way, have dinner in one of our world-class restaurants, a drink in one of our cozy and beautiful bars. Experience the destination that Harrisburg is—and continues to become.